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Monthly Archives: November 2023

3 risky behaviors "Stomach perforation"

3 risky behaviors “Stomach perforation”

Many people may have had behaviors a gastrointestinal disease such as gastritis. But when talking about a perforated stomach, We may wonder if it has anything to do with gastritis. or allowing gastritis for a long time Will it increase the risk of gastric perforation or not? How dangerous is a

5 causes of gastritis and how to prevent it

5 causes of gastritis and how to prevent it

Gastritis is no joke. It’s painful. What are the causes? gastritis Found in teenagers to working age people and elderly people, it is very common because there are many factors that cause gastritis. and is often found in the lifestyles of people in the present era 5 causes of gastritis

10 ways to prevent symptoms "Bloating-flatulence"

10 ways to prevent symptoms “Bloating-flatulence”

Bloating can come from many causes. It may come from eating too much. Or the food you eat may be difficult to digest. But whenever I feel bloated It’s not a joke at all, because it makes us feel bloated and suffering to the point of not being able