Barca threatens to sue after nine claims are revealed against Messi

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Spanish La Liga giants Barcelona have threatened legal action. Against Spanish media for leaking information on Lione Messi’s demands for a contract to keep him at the camp. Nu continued in the year 2020

   Barcelona threatens to take legal action. Against Spanish newspapers Regarding the details of the club’s contract talks with Lionel Messi passed by El Mundo (El Mundo) claimed that Messi had a summons. However Barcelona said the leaked information was part of a judicial process.

Barca threatens to sue after nine claims are revealed against Messi

          “Concerning information published in El Mundo under the title ‘Lost Barca, Club Secret Files. Barcelona express their displeasure over the intentional leak of information as part of the legal process. The Catalan club said in a statement. The club regrets that the media itself has Access to the bulk of the documents and emails that are part of the Barça Gate investigation. When this information has not been disclosed. Articles that make a document publicly unrelated to an ongoing lawsuit and its use is an insult to the club’s reputation and confidentiality. For that reason and with the aim of protecting Barcelona’s rights The club’s legal department has studied the legal measures that need to be taken.

     The veteran left the Spanish giants in the summer of 2021 after 21 years at the club. Moving to Paris Saint-Germain. Free when his contract expires And according to El Mundo ‘s revelation on Tuesday evening. Messi’s terms at Barcelona in financial trouble include a £8.7million signing fee and a private jet to take his family back to Argentina for Christmas. He also asked for VIP seats at the Camp Nou for his family and the family of former Barca teammate Luis Suarez. A three-year security deal until 2023 ready. option to expand

          Other claims That happened in June 2020. As well as reducing his release clause from £610million to a modest £8,700. Which is almost insignificant considering the current market money. After accepting a 20 percent pay cut in 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He is asking for his net salary of £65 million a year to be increased to £71.5 million a year over the next two seasons. plus three per cent in annual interest.

 The information was recovered from emails between Lionel’s father and agent Jorge Messi. The 35-year-old’s legal team and Barcelona’s board of directors, which includes the club’s chairman Josep Barto. Mew at the time El Mundo reported that Barcelona had accepted all of Messi’s demands. The second exception refused to lower his release clause to £8,700 and revert the £8.7m. Clause of his contract to pre-pandemic income. This was unlikely to happen due to well-known financial problems, and as a result , Messi canceled the negotiations. Until followed by sending ‘Burofax’ to the club to inform the desire to move out of the team.

  Spanish newspaper El Mundo has released details of Messi’s £492 million (€555 million) contract, the biggest in the history of sport. Based on a fixed salary, image rights, variables and taxes , the deal guarantees him a total salary of £122 million per season, £102 million renewal fee for accepting contracts and 69 ‘loyalty’ bonuses. Other variables include Messi asking for an additional £1.75m if he completes 60 per cent of the game, while he will receive an extra for each knock-out round . Champions League trophies, including winning La Liga and Copa del Rey The leak has angered Messi’s side and RAC1 has revealed they also want to prepare a lawsuit against El Mundo.

Details of Messi’s 9 demands to stay at the UFABET club

1. Three-year contract extension: At the time he was 33 and was the best player in the world. The three-year extension appears to be a perfectly reasonable request from Messi’s agent.

2. Private seats for his family and Luis Suarez’s family: reasonable. it’s a small price to pay to keep someone like Messi at the club If anyone is deserving of such right, that person must be him.

3. €10 million renewal bonus: this might be the first hurdle. Barca do not have enough money for Messi’s expensive bonus request and therefore cannot accept this condition.

4. Release clause elimination: Messi also wants his €700m release clause to be reduced to €10,000. This will give him the freedom to move between clubs. that he will choose And this is yet another time that Barça has denied this claim.

5. Refund of deducted wages plus interest: All Barca teams have reduced their contributions to the club through the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. Messi wants his wages back with 3% interest.

6. Private Jet for Christmas: Messi needs a private jet for him and his family for Christmas so they can fly back to Argentina.

7. Increased wages with taxes: If the Spanish government raises taxes He wants to be protected from any personal expenses so he asked Barca to help offset the difference through his wages to ensure he stays the same net salary.

8. The personal assistant continues to work: The role of Messi’s personal assistant, Pepe Costa, is in uncertainty due to the financial problems caused by the pandemic. Messi wants Costa to stay at the club.

9. Commissions for his brother: Finally, Messi wants Rodrigo. His brother receives a commission as part of his contract renewal bonus. Rodrigo represented Ansu Fati at the time and the club agreed.