boil! Former agent lashes out at Nunez, wary of retribution

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Darwin Nunez’s former agent has lashed out at Liverpool’s Uruguayan international, warning he was wary of retribution for his actions in the past.

    Darwin Nunez was warned by someone that “karma” would come after him, but he wasn’t an opposing defender who had personal reasons for doing so. But it was his former agent who vented his anger at the situation before hisbig-money move to Liverpool . The Uruguay internationaljoined from Benfica in June for a UFABET club-record fee of £85 million.

Darwin Nunez

         The 23-year-old currently joins Jorge Mendes’ agency Gestifute after joining them while he was in Portugal. but before that His agent was Edgardo La Salvia , who joined the Reds forward while he was still playing for Peñarol , his first professional club in Uruguay. Nunez parted ways with his former agent before he moved to Liverpool last summer. He did so without La Salvia, switching to Jorge Mendes’ Gestifute service, the same agency as Diogo Jota and Fabinho.

         It’s been more than a year La Salvia is still hurting about parting ways with Nunez. And the rift between the two was very serious. La Salvia criticized the way Núñez handled his transfer back then. and looking at his harsh words that exploded La Salvia appears to have yet to forgive the Premier League star, with many hurt feelings lingering as he says karma will come upon everyone involved. Including Nunez

    “I didn’t have a chance to talk to Darwin,” he told El Observador . “I knew when he came with six bodyguards and didn’t want to talk at the airport where Juanjo Acevedo was. I sent a boy from the company. Go find him ′′ There I tried to call him. And from his WhatsApp messages, he told me that he loved me very much. And he will be my friend forever blah blah blah but that… he’s going to start over with another company and he blocked me. I have no right to reply. Everyone chooses how they will live their lives. Now they have children. But there is the word ‘Karma’ and everything will come back.”

         and La Salvia also countered that Nunez had to learn how to behave as an individual: “You have to behave nicely and you have to have a memory. It’s impossible that you don’t have memories,” he added. “He didn’t go with Jorge Mendes, he went out with another agent, like (Nicholas) Otamendi when he was at Benfica. They did small jobs like ants, they started to completely devour his soul. I was furious when I lost Darwin. I broke down because I loved that kid. But I understand it’s a matter of business.”

         Nunez’s time at Liverpool didn’t start well. He scored in his first game against Fulham. He has scored nine league goals this season and 15 in all competitions.