De Yong opens his mind to decide on the football Barca since May

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Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong has revealed. Why he didn’t move to Manchester United or Chelsea in the summer because he decided to stay at Barcelona since May

Barcelona midfielder  Frankie de Jong has confirmed that Has decided to stay with Barca since May . The news moved to play with Manchester United and Chelsea in the past summer. Did not make him feel any distraction and pointed out that there was a real conflict with the club. but has passed

De Yong opens his mind to decide on the football Barca since May

The 25-year-old midfielder is targeted by the Red Devils boss Eric Ten Hag. Until he can agree on a contract with the merits of 63 million pounds or about 2,654 million baht, with add-ons. But can not reach a personal agreement with the players until the Blues team joined the Premier League. join the scramble But both were met with disappointment.

While the agency is trying to find a way to release De Jong in hopes of reducing the burden of the players’ wages. but until then. The Dutch star will remain at the Camp Nou for the remainder of the new season. Recently, the News has come out to open up to the matter. Before helping the Netherlands national team to compete in the UEFA Nations League, against Poland and Belgium this week.

 “I made a decision in May that Want to stay with Barcelona, ​​so I’m silent about the news that happened. I can’t give too much detail, but look, the club has its own ideas. And I have my own thoughts too. Sometimes they contradict each other. but in the end Everything was going well,” he said. 

At the same time, de Jong admits that he is happy with UFABET club after staying And nothing has changed with his teammates either. He also felt welcome. Nothing has changed from teammates. While facing Poland’s Robert Lewandowski in the national team game, it’s important not to give him a chance to score. Because he is a very good forward