Dikes Super Sub heads two tungs. Whiskey beats Ukraine 3-0

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Scotland opened the game against Ukraine to score three goals in the second half. With John McGinn and Lyndon Dykes heading to a 3-0 win over them to lead the Group 1 League table. B UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League B Group 1 match 4 on Wednesday. Hampden Park is a meeting between Scotland national team have competed in 3 matches, won 2, lost 1 with 6 points, ranks second in the table. Open house to meet the team leader. The Ukrainian national team has won 2 matches and drew 1 match with 7 points. 

Dikes Super Sub heads two tungs. Whiskey beats Ukraine 3-0

GOAL 70 min . Whiskey scores a goal 1-0. Picture of the game in the first half, both teams have little chance of getting in. The home team having a chance to score 5 times. Entering the frame 1, while the visiting team wins 2 times, not entering the frame at all So there was no goal. But in the second half, the defenders attacked hard and got a goal from the moment Kieran Tierney sent the ball into the penalty area for John McGinn to squeeze the visiting team. Before throwing the UFABET ball into the far post

80 min GOAL Tarton escaped 2-0 from a corner on the left. Ryan Fraser threw in at the first post forsubstitute Lyndon Dykes had just come on for Che Adams minutesAt 76. He headed into the second pole beautifully . Anatoly Trubin , the Ukrainian goalkeeper, lost the right to defend in time. 

87th minute GOAL The hosts led 3-0 from the corner on the left as usual before Ryan Fraser opened for Lyndon Dykes to easily head into the second-post triangle. And is the second goal of the player in this game.  

The rest of the game, no more goals, 90 minutes   of the game , Scotland’s national team opened the nest, won the Ukrainian national team 3-0 with an increase of 9 points, leading up to the group 1, while Ukraine lost the first match with 7 points as usual. Dropped down to 2nd place in UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League B

lineup Scotland national team (4-2-3-1 system of play): Craig Gordon (goalkeeper) – Nathan Patterson, Jack Hendry, Scott McCain. Na, Kieran Tierney – Scott McTominay, John McGinn (captain) – Stuart Armstrong, Callum McGrae. Ger, Ryan Christie – Che Adams

lineup Ukraine national team (41-4-1 system): Anatoly Trubin (goalkeeper) – Oleksandr Karavayev, Valery Bondar, Mikola Ma Tvienko, Bogdan Mikhalicenko – Taras Stepanenko – Andre Yarmolenko (captain), Oleksandr Picalyonok, Ru. Slan Malinovsky – Artem Dovbig