Nottingham Forest 1 – 2 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game. The Gunners sped up their engines in the second half to check the bill for the Foresters at home.

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• This is Arsenal’s first away win since December 5, 2023.

• Arsenal’s first win at home to Forest since the last time they did so in 1999.

Arsenal continued to maintain their form for the second game. With a 2-1 victory over Nottingham Forest in a game that must be said, they were superior both in terms of statistics and game form, but one mistake at the end of the game made them quite tired. Grabbing three points

Nottingham Forest 1 – 2 Arsenal: Issues after the Premier League game. The Gunners sped up their engines in the second half to check the bill for the Foresters at home.

First 45 minutes: The Gunners’ high-tempo attacking game. The forest’s tough defensive game.

Arsenal is still the same team that likes to take control and attack. They were outstanding, especially for 45 minutes. They used to have possession of the ball as high as 90% in some periods, but it was the same again. The ทางเข้า ufabet team’s play has problems. The quality of the final ball was too poor to make it a good “chance” to turn into a goal. One shot on target from nine chances in the first 45 minutes is an indication of how each ball was finished.

The ball may be in the home team’s territory a lot. But defensive discipline prevented that from being a problem for the hosts, who were looking for their first clean sheet in the league since Nuno Espirito Santo took charge after conceding a game in the middle of the park. go They chose to accept the “slang” that Arsenal really hates. The ball barely penetrated the gap behind the defenders. Focus on hitting short balls. Lift the ball over the defenders. and drilled into the side Everyone died at the last ball. When is the rhythm of the game like this played slow? There was almost no chance left.

Arsenal adjusted their game better in the second half. They have done their homework and raised the bar in terms of speed. and playing with less rhythm, while Forest waited to play a counter-attack game and in the end Arsenal came to score.

Second 45 minutes: The Gunners didn’t change the game, but the first goal changed the game.

Arsenal’s victory came as they improved the quality of their game. They may have less possession than in the first half. But you get more speed in releasing the ball. And it created chaos for the home team. Arsenal hardly played any tricks from what they used to be. But make it better

Jesus’ first goal In this game, it comes from the excellence of the person. And the person who released the ball quickly from a moment that seemed to be a little “disoriented” by the home team, who was too busy paying attention to why the previous moment was not a foul, became Jesus, who received the free ball in the penalty area before shooting through Mae’s legs. Tt Turner enters.

This goal changed the whole game. Because the home team couldn’t attack anymore. and hardly invaded throughout the game When it comes to setting up an offensive game first They became unable to do anything. As opposed to Arsenal, who got in the way. Because they are used to and like playing with more space to play, making it easier to attack, leading to a “reinforcing” goal when the ball comes from the home team’s corner kick. It turned out to be a ball that came back to set up the defensive line that turned into a lost ball. Before it ended with a counterattack and Saka got a full press, there was nothing left. In this game, Jesus got one goal. One assist in this game

The brave son of “Jao Pa”

The game probably won’t have anything for the Gunners in the late game. But an unlikely mistake occurred defensively late in the game. from the long ball from the defensive line The home team threw the ball forward. And got the opportunity to head in front of the penalty area. Awoniyi, who came on as a substitute, scrambled with Saliba before turning to meet the ball and shooting in. This ball was “easy to miss” for the Gunners’ defense. Plus there’s luck for the Nigerian striker. who turned to meet the ball and shot in This goal gave the hosts added injury time meaning. and fought hard for even a single point in their own home But Arsenal were tight enough not to let points slip away.

The Gunners are “satisfactory”, the “Jungle” has a chance of survival.

Arsenal, as a team competing for the Premier League championship, got three points in this game and is considered their goal. There was a better first and second half if measured by the team’s greater offensive potential. Created a lot of chances but it was different from the previous 3-4 games where they lost continuously. That is, in this game they scored goals from those many opportunities. The only difference is that they must maintain a consistent standard of scoring if they hope to go beyond Champions League qualification.

Forest, since the arrival of Nuno Espirito Santo, would be an understatement to say it was good. They won 2, lost 4 out of the 6 games that Nuno took charge of in the league. Might need to be adjusted, especially in the defense line that still concedes goals every game. If it continues like this, they will definitely be tired. But if you look at the overall picture, they are a team with many players with good potential. The attacking game still has interesting players like Morgan Gibbs-White, Taiwo Awoniyi, even two wingers, Anthony Elanga and Callum Hudson-Odoi, my names are not too small. Who is the same? If the defensive game is set firmly This year they have a high chance of staying in the Premier League for another year.