Premier League to ban fans from entering stadiums or setting off fireworks

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The Premier League has increased measures to prevent supporters from breaking the rules and increase safety for others. By ordering a one-year ban immediately. If a football fan runs into the field or sets off fireworks or smoke bombs in the stadium

The management of the English Premier League has issued a rule to control fans from conducting potentially dangerous behavior to others by banning supporters running into the stadium. Or carry or set off fireworks or smoke bombs for 1 year automatically. After this happened many times in the past season. 

Premier League to ban fans from entering stadiums or setting off fireworks

The Premier League, FA and EFL have previously teamed up to introduce tougher sanctions in an effort to curb supporters. But there were also some incidents on the pitch that prompted the Premier League to continue. Its efforts to protect the safety of players and supporters. Until recently, more penalties were added.

Fans who carry or set off fireworks, fireworks or smoke bombs. In the field without permission The club has unanimously agreed to ban supporters for engaging in detrimental and criminal behavior at the stadium,” a Premier League statement said. It states after the meeting, “These bans can also extend to the parents or guardians of children engaging in such behavior. The penalty will be effective immediately. and will ban both home and away matches.”

Last season, Nottingham Forest season-ticket supporter Robert Biggs was sentenced to six months in prison. After he ran into Sheffield United captain Billy Sharpe , who stood on the sidelines as he fell to the ground following the UFABET Championship play-off second leg at the City Ground on Sunday.

While Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira kicked an Everton fan who ran in to provoke after the game at Castle Ruean Kaew defeated 2-3 on 19 May, resulting in the Blue Toffees. Certainly escaped relegation. As a result, the followers of Toffee Main went down to the field to show their joy.