Revealed the reason why Spurs insisted on not taking Nagelsmann as coach despite having been flirted

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Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur have revealed the reason why they are not interested in bringing Julian Nagelsmann as their manager at this time despite their previous interest.

     Tottenham Hotspur have insisted they have no intention of bringing in ex -Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann as their current manager. As the club finalize plans to appoint a new sporting director, with Thiago Pinto  and Markus Krosche among the list being considered. But Spurs sources claim the club are not planning to appoint Nagelsmann. The manager the UFABET club were originally interested in.

Revealed the reason why Spurs insisted on not taking Nagelsmann as coach despite having been flirted

          The Evening Standard and other outlets are reporting that Nagelsmann will not be taking over at Spurs. And they haven’t spoken to the former Leipzig boss yet. The German manager is highly respected by Tottenham’s board of directors. But the club does not believe he is suitable at this time. Spurs insist they have not met Nagelsmann since the sacking of Antonio Conte and have no intention of doing so. The club are looking at alternatives to Arne Slot, Roberto de Zerbi and Luis Enrique among the options.

          However, on the other hand, Nagelsmann is reportedly not keen on taking on the job at Spurs without a sporting directorFabio Paratici being forced to leave last month. After his appeal for a ban from football around the world over allegations of irregular financial practices during his time at Juventus fell through meanwhile. With Spurs appointing Scott Mann as chief football officer. Daniel Levy wants a new sporting director ahead of the summer transfer window. 

 Agent of Paratici Will report to Mann, who will start this summer, with Brentford’s Johannes Spors and Lee Dikes. Roma are two names currently being considered for the role. But Pinto and Krosche have also become candidates for the vacant position. Pinto is currently Roma’s general manager. where he worked closely with former Spurs boss Jose
He has recently been linked with a similar position at West Ham.

          Meanwhile, Krosche currently serves as sporting director for German club Eintracht Frankfurt. Krosche worked closely with Nagelsmann at RB Leipzig. Zig , with Bayern Munich also interested in him. in terms of team managers Spurs currently have Ryan Mason in charge of the team until the end of the season.