Slavic card game

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The rules of the game quite easy First of all, all players have to compete with each other to discard their hand as quickly as possible. in order to win the game They take turns placing cards in the middle. The player who empties their hand first will be graded to win. That is, if the cards in the hand are the first to run out, they will be the King, Queen, Slavic and Slav respectively. Read more details on how to play Slavic cards >UFABET

And as I said at the beginning That this game is a game that is not popular to play for betting. will focus more on playing for fun Because there is not only one winner. and for fun to play A person who has become a slave may be used to shuffle the cards.

Slavic card game

goal of play

Many people may wonder if they don’t play to bet. So what is the goal of playing this game? Slavic card games divide the winners into sequence. There wasn’t just one winner. The winning order is divided into positions in the game. The position in the game has the main positions as follows.

  • King or King is the first person to win the game.
  • Queen is the second person who wins the game.
  • People is the third person who wins the game.
  • Slave or Slave is the last person to win the game.

These positions are like a measure of the player level. What will the winner tell the loser to do? for example A person who becomes a slave or slave may be ordered by a king or queen to buy things for them.